Cancer Treatment and Care at Research Medical Center

Located in Kansas City, Research Medical Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program with commendation for exceeding three national standards. Our quality measures are exceeding the national average, too.

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Building on the strengths of Research Medical Center’s existing program, Midwest Cancer Care at Research Medical Center offers each patient a full range of cancer treatment options and services including a new outpatient facility, a dedicated inpatient oncology unit and unparalleled specialized expertise.

Midwest Cancer Care

Midwest Cancer Care at Research Medical Center in Kansas City is renowned for its advanced technologies and resources such as the area’s only Gamma Knife® treatment for brain tumors and the Liver and Pancreas Institute, dedicated to the treatment of cancers of the liver and biliary tract. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced technologies such as image-guided brachytherapy, linear accelerators to deliver image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy, a 16-slice intra-operative big bore CT scanner, a 64-slice CT scanner for the clearest images to diagnose and stage tumors for treatment, and advanced cancer treatments such as Mammosite® for breast cancer. We specialize in these types of cancer:

Screenings and Self Assessments

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

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One exciting new advancement for gynecologic cancer patients is image-guided brachytherapy. Brachytherapy, better known as internal radiotherapy, is commonly used in the treatments of cancers of the uterus or cervix. Video features Dr. John Sheldon. Also check out the Day In The Life videos featuring many of our cancer treatment specialists.

We also treat other types of cancer, including:

For cancer-related wellness opportunities, Research Medical Center offers patients a variety of wellness services at the Center for Integrative Therapy.

Research Medical Center is an accredited facility by the American College of Surgeons

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