Research Medical Center
February 18, 2013

Dual nursing careers make a sweet life for Dain and Pam Sisk.

The Sisks connected at Missouri Western State College in St. Joseph, Mo., where they both attended nursing school. Dain’s years as a Navy corpsman inspired him into nursing, he said.

“I knew I wanted to be in health care,” said Dain, RN, MBA, CSN, CCRN, director of Ortho/Neuro/Trauma Unit at Research Medical Center.

Dain said with two nurses in the family, they are never at a loss for something to talk about. Extended family members tend to direct their health care questions to Dain and Pam, however. They don’t mind, he said, but they know their limits.

“You have to educate your family that just because you are a nurse you don’t know all things medical,” he said.

Dain said nursing has afforded them a career where they can both be challenged. There are tremendous opportunities in nursing, he said. One of the biggest benefits in their dual career has been in hearth and home, Dain said.

“It’s allowed us to coordinate being parents,” Dain said.

They tag-teamed rearing their children, while Dain worked nights. It was easy for him to care for their growing family during daytime hours, he said. They rarely tapped into outside child care, Dain said, something that resonated with him.

“We were able to get a good work life balance I think,” he said. “That was important to me. I worked nights early on. I was there a great deal during the day.”

Pam, RN, said she was attracted to Dain’s sense of humor and friendliness early on in their relationship.

“He’s very social,” she said.

They share the same work ethic. Their train of thought is similar, she said, something they passed on to their teenager.

“We’re both Type-A driven, organized, like a schedule,” Pam said. “She acts just like us.”

Conversations are always lively, Pam said. They are both concerned about health care policy and try to be active with policy and legislation, she said. Dain is currently the county coroner in their community.

“He takes the extra mile in that role,” Pam said. “He is a very sensitive, compassionate person.”

On Valentine’s Day, the couple will celebrate their daughter’s birthday but enjoy dinner out together later that week, Pam said. They also make time for an anniversary getaway each year. They like to stay at a bed and breakfast inn in Herman, Mo., one of their favorite regional places.

“We keep that sacred so we can have time together,” she said. “That is a special place.”