Research Medical Center
October 14, 2013

Dr. William Rosenberg

By the time Steven Larimore met neurosurgeon William Rosenberg this summer, the 31-year-old cancer patient was in dire need of intervention — from the field of medicine, certainly, but help of a divine nature was fine too.

A year before, Larimore of Lee’s Summit had gone to the emergency room with what he thought was a broken left leg. Within hours, he was diagnosed with cancer: It was in his lungs. The cancer treatment meant that repairing Larimore’s broken leg had to be delayed, leaving him in constant pain.

As it became unbearable, Larimore’s oncologist recommended he see Rosenberg, founder and director of the Center for the Relief of Pain, a service of the Midwest Neuroscience Institute at Research Medical Center.

In Rosenberg, Larrimore found more than a physician offering relief to his pain. He found a fellow man of faith: Rosenberg an Orthodox Jew who observes his religion prominently in his daily life as he practices medicine. He lives in an Orthodox community in Overland Park.

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