CEO Jackie DeSouza-Van Blaricum

Although the relationship between mothers and daughters is singularly unique, it’s often difficult to articulate—they’re our best friends, role models, go-to advice givers, biggest cheerleaders, our first teachers, and occasionally, the critics we need.

We continue our series on mothers and daughters with Jackie DeSouza-Van Blaricum and her daughters, Julia and Sylvie. 

“You know, I think every mom thinks their girls are amazing, but I love the passion, energy and enthusiasm my girls have,” says Jackie DeSouza-Van Blaricum.

For DeSouza-Van Blaricum, whose career has been marked by many firsts, it is important that her daughters also feel that they can one day achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Mother to Julia, 7, and Sylvie, 5, she has already begun to teach them life lessons, one example being that they can both accomplish anything that they set their minds to.

“Just like I’m the first female CEO of Research Medical Center in Kansas City, they can do whatever they absolutely want to. Any limits they encounter are going to be the ones they set upon themselves. No one else is going to put limits on them because they can persevere.”

As hectic and crazy as life can get, there is nothing more important than the love of the family.

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Credit: Photographer/Tom Strykowicz and Hair & Makeup/Michele Taylor