Research Medical Center
September 19, 2017

Research Medical Center—part of HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s leading healthcare provider­—recently added a revolutionary technology to its Computed Tomography (CT) capabilities. The spectral detector-based CT provides multiple layers of diagnostic data in a single, low-dose scan with seamless integration into existing hospital system protocols. The spectral CT provides sufficient information with only one scan to help clinicians make fast, confident diagnoses, driving improved clinical patient outcomes.

“Research Medical Center has an ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions designed to improve the patient experience, patient satisfaction,” says Research Medical Center Chief Executive officer Jackie DeSouza-Van Blaricum. “The addition of the cutting-edge spectral CT technology exemplifies our mission by enhancing diagnoses for patients and providing better technology for physicians.”

“The spectral CT technology allows our clinicians to quickly uncover information to aid in critical diagnosis and treatment, even in the most challenging cases,” says Olevia Pitts, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Research Medical Center. “Unlike traditional CT images, which can be limited in structural detail and require additional scans, we can identify the composition of materials in the body in one low-dose scan. This information allows for better treatment options for patients.”

Research Medical Center’s new spectral CT scan delivers high-definition imaging throughout the entire body to help make diagnoses across all applications including cardiac exams in a single heartbeat, with or without beta blockers; whole-brain imaging in less than a second; low-dose, whole-organ diagnosis and follow-up for oncology patients; detailed bone imaging, even for patients with metal implants; and sedation-free, low-dose scans for pediatric patients.

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