Research Medical Center
November 14, 2017

To kick off the season of gratitude, Research Medical Center will reunite three patients—whose lives were saved due to quick and courageous life-saving measures, including a hospital employee who recognized stroke symptoms— with their medical teams and First Responders and emergency physicians.

“This Thankful Families Celebration highlights the remarkable collaborative efforts made each day in delivering high-quality healthcare to patients such as Bernice Paige, Ryan Chambers and Jessica Roe,” says Jackie DeSouza-Van Blaricum, Research Medical Center Chief Executive Officer. “Especially during this season of giving thanks, we wanted to gather these patients—each who came to us under very different circumstances—and their families with their care teams and First Responders, who represent some of healthcare’s most skilled professionals and compassionate hearts. It’s a powerful example of the continuum of healthcare.”

“Every day we have the privilege of caring for patients, like Bernice Paige, and their families during the most vulnerable time in their lives,” says Dr. Kyle Carpenter, D.O., a fellowship-trained neurologist at Research Medical Center.  “We are thankful for the trust they put in us.”

Research Medical Center, which is a Level I Trauma Center and designated as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center, is part of HCA Midwest Health—Kansas City’s leading healthcare, Stroke and Trauma Care provider. For more information, visit 

Thankful Families Celebration Participants:

Bernice Paige: While she was at Research Medical Center with her daughter, who was a patient in the Cath lab, 77-year-old Paige exhibited stroke symptoms. An employee in the Cardiology Unit waiting room, Kelley Lewis, immediately noticed the signs of stroke and initiated Code Stroke. Paige, who was diagnosed with a TIA, is doing well. Lewis, an administrative secretary in the Cardiology Unit has also been nominated for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Brain Saver Award. An employee of Research Medical Center for 19 years, Lewis received training on stroke signs and symptoms at the hospital.

“The stroke training our employees receive empowers them to recognize stroke-like symptoms, understand that seconds count and activate a Code Stroke, even if they’re not certain it’s a stroke,” says DeSouza -Van Blaricum. “It illustrates our team’s commitment to the mission of the care of human life, like Bernice Paige’s life-threatening situation, above all else.” 

Ryan Chambers: Twenty-eight-year-old furniture maker Chambers was in his home woodworking garage last May when his wife, Jennifer, screamed for him to come upstairs. She was in the kitchen, frying donuts, and had turned away from the stove for a moment when the boiling oil erupted into flames. Chambers saw the fire was too large to contain with baking soda, so he picked up the pan and crashed through the screen door, onto the deck, with the searing oil spilling onto his arms and hands. Feeling the fire climb up his shirt, Chambers dropped and rolled on the lawn below. Jennifer, a nurse, immediately applied lukewarm water and called 9-1-1. Chambers was transported by ambulance to Grossman Burn Center at Research Medical Center where he was treated for second-degree burns. He resumed his woodworking in mid-June, but wants to thank his care team for their dedication and commitment to his recovery.

Jessica Roe: Roe sought out Research Medical Center specifically so she could have a low intervention birth. She works as a marketing professional at a Kansas City-based company so she proactively thought of reaching out to share her childbirth story, even though, due to some unexpected complications, she had to have a C-section birth. The new mother recognizes her OB-GYN Dr. Rebecca Wayman, and the entire Research Medical Center labor and delivery team for bringing a healthy baby boy, Trevor, into the world. Several nurses on Roe’s care team were nominated by her for the Daisy Award; they will be present, along with the Roe family.

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