Research Medical Center
August 19, 2014

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed

Research Medical Center (RMC) — part of HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s largest healthcare provider — will celebrate the opening of the TIA Clinic at 3 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014 in its new all-in-one location.  Internationally recognized TIA expert and RMC Stroke Center and TIA Clinic Medical Director Iftekhar Ahmed, MD, board-certified Neurologist, and Jackie DeSouza, Chief Executive Officer, Research Medical Center, will lead the ribbon cutting and offer remarks on the clinic’s significance to the community.   The event will be at the A Level Patio, next to the TIA Clinic, on the hospital’s main campus at 2316 E. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.

The Centers for Disease control list stroke as the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and a major cause for disability.  Approximately 800,000 people suffer a stroke each year in the U.S. and one American dies from a stroke every four minutes, on average.  A TIA (transient ischemic attack) — often called a mini-stroke — occurs when the brain doesn’t receive enough blood momentarily and produces stroke-like symptoms but no lasting damage, according to the American Stroke Association.  It is regarded as a warning for a future stroke and is a medical emergency, just like a major stroke.

“The statistics for stroke after TIA are compelling,” says Dr. Ahmed.  “Ten to 15 percent of people with TIA have a stroke within two weeks and of those 17 percent have a stroke the same day.  Another six percent of patients experience a stroke the day following TIA and more than 45 percent have a stroke in the seven days following.  In 30 days following TIA, 30 percent are at stroke risk and in one year 60 percent of people with TIA are at stroke risk. Urgent intervention after TIA is highly effective for preventing stroke.”

RMC’S TIA Clinic is a one-stop service, providing a comprehensive one-day, thorough evaluation for stroke in a convenient location, including evaluations that conclude with a consult from a board-certified cerebrovascular neurologist.  Test results are forwarded to the patient’s primary care provider in order to determine the best treatment plan. Patients may receive counseling from a nutritionist and social worker.  

“RMC is proud to offer the community yet another compelling healthcare resource,” says DeSouza.  “The new TIA Clinic marks another significant tool to help prevent major strokes. As a trusted community healthcare provider, we consider it our responsibility to offer leading-edge healthcare, build awareness and offer education on this disease that is one of the country’s leading causes of death and disability.”

RMC, the first Certified Primary Stroke Center in the region, was recently awarded the Triple Crown in Stroke Care by the American Heart Association and has received Get With the Guidelines™ - Stroke Gold Plus recognition from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association for five consecutive years. The award recognizes the hospital’s commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of stroke care by ensuring that stroke patients receive treatment according to nationally accepted standards and recommendations.

HCA Midwest Health is the leading provider of stroke care in the Kansas City region, combining comprehensive stroke care with the latest technologies and most effective treatments available.

The TIA Clinic is open Monday – Friday at Research Medical Center, 2316 E. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Patient appointments are offered within 24 – 72 hours of physician referral.

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