A new 3D design for each total hip replacement patient is bringing about even faster and easier recovery from surgery, according to patients undergoing this surgery.

The patient-specific design process means a specific, custom hip implant is created unique to each patient.

First custom hip replacement patient in the region

Sara Mandole had disabling pain that was destroying her life, and then a month later she's jumping up and down. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Kindred surgically replaced Sara's degenerated hip with a custom-designed hip implant.

"Going from feeling horrible all the time . . . to now is unbelievable," says Sara. Her pain and inability to do anything was destroying her personality, her relationships, and her appetite.

After surgery, "My pain was gone and I was walking the next day. I stepped up a full flight of stairs on my second day home. I don't need pain medication. It's an incredible feeling."

Dr. Kindred is one of only a few surgeons in the region trained in this procedure, and the first to perform a custom total hip implant.

And Sara loves her new life!