The referring physician’s office should call (816) 363-2500 x118 to speak with our scheduling coordinator. You will be offered the first available appointment. Patients will need to bring an MRI scan to their visit, along with any pertinent records, a photo ID and insurance cards.

In the event the appointment is urgent, we will be happy to work your patient into our schedule, but this involves the physician seeing the patient outside of our normal schedule. Our appointment scheduler will ask you to fax records to (816) 361-4500, so that she can ask the doctor to review them and find a spot in his schedule. We give these requests the utmost priority, and call back with an appointment time as soon as we can speak to the physician. In most cases the patient will be seen in a few days’ time, usually less than one week.


Most of the physicians here require a referral from a primary care or other physician. In some cases, a patient can be scheduled without a referral, but this is not the norm.

Once a patient’s primary care physician (PCP) has referred him to a neurosurgeon, many times the patient makes the call himself, rather than having the PCP’s office call. The procedures are the same as above. The patient should call (816) 363-2500 x118 to speak with our scheduling coordinator.


Our mission is to provide the best neurosurgical care that can be obtained in the region. We ask for patients to come with an MRI scan in hand so that our physicians have the information they need to evaluate new patients most efficiently. This policy eliminates the need for a patient to make a return visit after a scan before the doctor’s opinion can be rendered, which saves both the patient and physician valuable time.