Christina McGinnis

Christina McGinnis doesn’t consider herself an avid sports fan, but she does have a personal definition of a teammate. So when McGinnis was diagnosed with Stage 1b breast cancer on November 4, 2010, she knew her oncologist needed to be the type of doctor to suit up and show up. » Read more

Hillard Rogers

Hillard Rogers is a two-time survivor of prostate cancer. He was first diagnosed at the age of 69 following a routine physical. He made an appointment to see John Sheldon, MD, a radiation oncologist at Research Medical Center. » Read more

Jerry Keithline

42-year-old Kansas City resident, Jerry Keithline, experienced get-your-attention symptoms in October 2001: increased heart rate, chest pains, coughing and night sweats. True to his positive nature, Jerry thought it might be the side effects of common bronchitis or a bad chest cold. » Read more

Rita Garcia

Rita Garcia, known for her brilliant smile and bubbly disposition, was alarmed when she detected a small drop of blood in her urine the morning before her annual physical. Following a biopsy, Rita was told by her doctor that she had uterine cancer. » Read more