Research Medical Center’s personal care and dedication to our patients makes us well known in the Kansas City community. We know this because our patients tell us. Find out why they chose Research Medical Center, how much they value their experiences with us and why they won’t go anywhere else for heart care.

Don Spears

Captain Don Spears, a Belton police officer, and his wife scheduled an unusual activity on a mutual day off last December. “Melinda and I went in together for cardio scans,” says Don. “She was having some effects from anxiety and I knew I needed a scan based on my family history of heart disease.” » Read more

John Kistler

John Kistler suffered a stroke in August 2013 following a surgery where he received five heart bypasses. The stroke caused physical injuries, including blurred vision. “Thirty-one days later I was discharged from Research Medical Center, able to walk and eat and armed with several assignments from my doctors.” » Read more

Lillian Mack Shakur

Lillian Mack Shakur’s nemesis was heart disease, which had plagued her since 2003 when she underwent bypass surgery following a heart attack. Though she didn’t have a family history of heart disease, Lillian was one of the thousands of women annually diagnosed with this so-called “silent killer. “ » Read more

Rick Osborne

See how Rick's stroke prevented a second stroke. » Read more

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