The Prostate & Urology Center at Research Medical Center offers specialized treatment options for prostate, urologic, kidney and bladder cancers. We can provide evaluation for patients with elevated PSA levels as well.

The Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center provides:

  • Shared decision-making among the patient, primary care physician and specialists to determine the best treatment options based upon disease factors, other medical conditions, and the patient’s values and preferences
  • Multidisciplinary case conference attended by our team of specialists to review and evaluate specific, complex patient cases
  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary team of specialists consisting of urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, genetic counselors and primary care physicians
  • Easy access to case conference through patient navigator
  • Elevated PSA level evaluation
  • High resolution MRI with endorectal coil
  • A full range of advanced treatment options including robotic surgery and brachytherapy, IMRT, IGRT, watchful waiting
  • Access to unique clinical trials

To contact our patient navigator, call (816) 276-7822.