• Kim Hadley

    fertility , womens-care


    After trying to conceive for on our own for four years we found ourselves in a dark and lonely spot. Dr. Starks knew exactly what tests to order to give me a correct diagnosis. Brandi designed the protocols, and although my body was difficult and it took four different protocols she never gave up on us!

  • Kent Truan

    blood-cancer , cancer


    Kent Truan, a wheat farmer in Russell, Kansas, knew that one day he might need to see an oncologist. The protein levels in his blood had been rising for a few years, but in 2018 his community doctor thought it was time for him to see a specialist. Kent’s local oncologist diagnosed him with multiple myeloma and reached out to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health.

  • Rick Osborne

    See how Rick's stroke prevented a second stroke.

  • Ron King

    cancer care , cancer care


    Ron King’s wife, Lisa, died three weeks before the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. During the last 10 months of her life, Ron recalls that, despite the progression and subsequent effects of the disease, his wife lived with dignity and had many moments of grace

  • Carolyn Clemons

    Carolyn Clemons still remembers the day she injured her left knee about 15 years ago. “I was playing in a parent-child soccer game and trying to avoid falling on a child. Instead, I twisted my knee and ended up injuring myself,” she says.

  • Rita Garcia

    cancer care


    Rita Garcia, known for her brilliant smile and bubbly disposition, was alarmed when she detected a small drop of blood in her urine the morning before her annual physical. Following a biopsy, Rita was told by her doctor that she had uterine cancer.

  • Betty Morton

    Betty Morton battled osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition of the joints, for several years. Morton headed straight to Research Medical Center’s Joint Camp where she participated in the prehabilitation program in preparation for her hip replacement. “The prehab program was great and Joint Camp was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the back and neck massage. The staff took good care of me.”

  • Scott Scott

    "I just wanted to tell all of you that I have not forgotten the precious gift that was given to me seven years ago and I thank God for the donor, donor's family and you all for answering the call! I know that you took a chance on me and I wanted to let you know that I have always kept my part of the deal by living a happy and responsible life."

  • Jennifer Bettis

    fertility , women's care


    Jennifer Bettis says Thanksgiving 2010 will forever have a special meaning for her and husband, Jay. “We’ll always have gratitude for our first child,” says Jennifer, who is due on November 26. “And for Dr. Starks.” The 35-year-old internal auditor says she believes Gregory Starks, MD, of Midwest Women’s Healthcare, PC, is a miracle worker of sorts.

  • Jerry Keithline

    42-year-old Kansas City resident, Jerry Keithline, experienced get-your-attention symptoms in October 2001: increased heart rate, chest pains, coughing and night sweats. True to his positive nature, Jerry thought it might be the side effects of common bronchitis or a bad chest cold.

  • Hillard Rogers

    cancer care


    Hillard Rogers is a two-time survivor of prostate cancer. He was first diagnosed at the age of 69 following a routine physical. He made an appointment to see John Sheldon, MD, a radiation oncologist at Research Medical Center.

  • Jerrie Stutheit

    Jerrie Stutheit is a mother of three and grandmother of seven who was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Jerrie had an appointment with Geoffrey Blatt, MD, a neurosurgeon at Research Medical Center.“Dr. Blatt explained the type of tumor I had and was confident that I would have positive results. I trusted him immediately.”

  • Lillian Shakur

    heart care , women's care


    Lillian Mack Shakur’s nemesis was heart disease, which had plagued her since 2003 when she underwent bypass surgery following a heart attack. Though she didn’t have a family history of heart disease, Lillian was one of the thousands of women annually diagnosed with this so-called “silent killer. “

  • Ralph Moriarty

    Although 71-year-old Ralph Moriarty and his 37-year-old son, Justin, built a strong relationship over the decades by doing the expected father-son guy stuff, they also forged an unbreakable bond with the unexpected: a kidney transplant.

  • Don Spears

    Captain Don Spears, a Belton police officer, and his wife scheduled an unusual activity on a mutual day off last December. “Melinda and I went in together for cardio scans,” says Don. “She was having some effects from anxiety and I knew I needed a scan based on my family history of heart disease.”

  • Stephan Butler

    stroke care , stroke care


    When 56-year-old Stephan Butler experienced a series of mini-strokes in May 2010, he sought help from a doctor he had formerly coached on the football field. Having coached this doctor as a high school student in the 1990s, Butler knew losing wasn’t part of the young man’s game plan.

  • Christina McGinnis

    Christina McGinnis doesn’t consider herself an avid sports fan, but she does have a personal definition of a teammate. So when McGinnis was diagnosed with Stage 1b breast cancer on November 4, 2010, she knew her oncologist needed to be the type of doctor to suit up and show up.

  • Ryan Allen

    The Allen's journey with Research Medical Center began with a phone call from Karen. My wife and I had gone through infertility at two different facilities dealing with many doctors and nurses. Karen set the bar extremely high in our opinion, After briefly speaking with her on the phone, we immediately felt she was someone we could trust.

  • John Kistler

    John Kistler suffered a stroke in August 2013 following a surgery where he received five heart bypasses. The stroke caused physical injuries, including blurred vision. “Thirty-one days later I was discharged from Research Medical Center, able to walk and eat and armed with several assignments from my doctors.”

  • Mia Lyons

    Mia Lyons, a Kansas City resident whose positive attitude is a way of life, was diagnosed in 2007 with a benign brain tumor called a meningioma. The second most primary tumor of the central nervous system, meningiomas are slow-growing, occur more frequently in women than men and are usually benign.

  • Yvette Stuckey

    “Everyone has been wonderful here in the NICU,” shares Yvette Stuckey, NICU mom. “The nurses are so helpful and caring. My baby was born three months early and she is doing great! I would recommend Research Medical Center for moms whether they are high-risk or not. I very much approve of their services.”

  • Dale Flanagan

    “I’ve got a lot of living to do.” - That’s a direct quote from 71-year-old Dale Flanagan, a Kansas City resident who has a renewed outlook on life following a health scare on April 6, 2010. Flanagan loved to eat greasy fried foods such as chicken, French fries and cheeseburgers. The salt shaker was a regular dining companion, and Flanagan slathered butter on rolls, baked potatoes and toast. He didn’t stop to think of the consequences his diet choices might have on his health.

  • Denise Dillard

    Denise Lewis-Dillard, 45, is known to be an articulate, matter-of-fact woman. So a strategic decision she made at the beginning of her motorcycle ride was typical—except this would be a life-saving decision.

  • Len Lutz

    “During a health scare, the things you love most are what you’re afraid of losing,” says Len Lutz. “Thanks to Research Medical Center and the quick action of my doctors, I’m back enjoying my family, music and friends.”

  • Glen Moore

    hand care , surgical care


    Like many of us, Glen Moore took his hands for granted. They were there when he needed them—whether it was operating a large drill press at his manufacturing job, working on cars, creating one of his wooden wishing wells for family and friends, or playing video games on his PlayStation. The 56-year-old Grandview resident didn't think much about his hands until one February morning when he was injured on the job.